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Product description

EzTile is a versatile and durable garage tile for any application, a revolutionary tile design that combines premium protection with unmatched functionality. The revolutionary channel system allows debris to drain underneath each tile making it easy-to-maintain.

EzTiles interlocking flooring comes in 7 different colors so you can mix and match to create a variety of patterns and designs.

Customize any space to elevate your garage flooring, car washes, trailers, event flooring, outdoor flooring, patio flooring, trade show flooring, hangar flooring, gym flooring and sport flooring. Our interlocking floor tiles remain the top choice for consumers because of their versatility and durability.

modular tiles

Specification overview

Tile Size: 15.75 in (40 cm) x 15.75 in (40 cm)

Height/Thickness: 0.71 in (1.8 cm)

Weight tile: 1.2 lbs

Weight Box (30 tiles): 38.6 lbs

Material: polypropylene Copolymere

Chemical Resistance: Oil, gas & other auto fluids, Acids and Alkalis

Temperature Tolerances: -30°C to 120°C

Compression Strength: 3,120 psi

Fire Rating HB: Horizontal Burn

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